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Thinking about you for the tenth time today

Reminiscing the feel of your hand

When it touches mine 

Creating a whirlwind of breathlessness

The breath lost is mine

Thinking about the cadence of your voice

As it rises and falls with every question,

Every whisper that touches these ear of mine

I feel all sorts of emotions

My brain thinks about you all night

Thinking about the first time you told me you loved me

The playful seriousness in your eyes

That moment that left me mesmerized

And I knew you meant it 

I knew with all my heart

Thinking about the time you hurt me

With that other girl

You stunned me

I was left speechless and surprised

That those hands that held me could hold another

That those lips that kissed me could kiss another 

That those words you told me could be told to another

I told myself why even bother

I could just as easily find another

But here I am

Thinking about you for the tenth time today

Maybe this is my fate

Why even bother 

Maybe I'm supposed to love you while you love another

Written by

Ojie Femi



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