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From the haze of Avalon, seas and grown kids between us, 

regardless we ended up back together. 

She was 18 when we initially met. 

I was a lot more seasoned. 

We moved, adored, celebrated and afterward separated. 

I went on with my life, and she with hers crosswise over 2 landmasses. 

I always remembered that I may have abandoned what was potentially the - ONE 

'whom I let escape'. 

You may call it destiny or simply nothing but luckiness, however I met her again - ONLINE 

what's more, we realized we were intended to be as one. Presently and until the end of time. 

There will be one day that you may locate a similar satisfaction that I have, 

Up to that point I prompt, Never surrender. 

Regardless of where you conceal; love you will discover.

L.A Smoking-Gun



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