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MatchMadeInNaija PLATINUM
Do you remember me?

Or are you totally free?

Do you remember the promises?

The fun? The joy? The endless kisses?

Do you remember how I'd make you giggle?

And all your worries become so little.

Do you remember how I know you and you me?

Into each other's soul we always could see.

Do you remember how happy we were?

Do you still care?

Do you remember we were the envy of all?

How could we fall?

Do you remember the love we made?

Or was it just an escapade?

Do you remember the promises, big and small?

Do you remember some? A little? Any at all?

written by Half_indie

MatchMadeInNaija PLATINUM

From the haze of Avalon, seas and grown kids between us, 

regardless we ended up back together. 

She was 18 when we initially met. 

I was a lot more seasoned. 

We moved, adored, celebrated and afterward separated. 

I went on with my life, and she with hers crosswise over 2 landmasses. 

I always remembered that I may have abandoned what was potentially the - ONE 

'whom I let escape'. 

You may call it destiny or simply nothing but luckiness, however I met her again - ONLINE 

what's more, we realized we were intended to be as one. Presently and until the end of time. 

There will be one day that you may locate a similar satisfaction that I have, 

Up to that point I prompt, Never surrender. 

Regardless of where you conceal; love you will discover.

L.A Smoking-Gun



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