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Ladies, guys are not that hard to read. They only pretend to be mysterious when they are having second thoughts about dating you. Here are the signs that would show you that he is interested in having a relationship with you. This article does not in any way tell you that your relationship will be successful but it will just focus on how to know if you should take the step in the first place.

1.       He tells you:

This one is pretty straight forward and is what most ladies want to happen. If he is bold enough to tell you that he wants to have a relationship with you or simply that he is interested in taking you out, you have something special. It is not a conclusive fact however but it points to the fact that you can take a chance with him. I agree that there are some guys who tell girls things that they don’t mean but even those guys have to have some sort of interest in the girl in the first place which leads him to go out of his way to get her.  Generally speaking, if a guy tells you that he really likes you, you should take it seriously.


2.       He makes out time to be with you:

If he is busy and he always makes out time to call, visit, chat or send you gifts, you should know that he is very interested in you. The average guy is focused on his work, family, and friends but he will always give a special place to the woman in his life. His thoughts would be occupied by images of you and he would be very eager to see you at any chance he gets. It is a very important sign. Remember that this is not all men's reaction to people they feel very strongly about and so some men might not exhibit this character but if you see this sign then you can be sure he wants you.


3.       When He opens up about his flaws:

If you are not a bosom friend of a guy then he would never open up his secrets and vulnerabilities to you. If your man is comfortable telling you all his flaws and vulnerabilities and listens to you talk about yours as well, then he is really interested in you. Men are proud beings who are less likely to talk about their fears or failures because they have to show strength. A guy who is ready to be weak in your presence is completely open to a relationship with you.


4.       He talks about planning his future and puts you in his plans:

A man who constantly discusses his plans with you is definitely fond of you but if he gets to the point where he cannot see his future plans without you in them, you have yourself a keeper. There’s no point dating someone who does not have a place for you in his plans or cannot simply align his plans with yours.


5.       He begins to say “We” instead of “I”:

Have you ever asked a person a question and he replied for himself and his partner? It would sound something like this, “We couldn’t make it.” “We don’t like ice-cream.” We’re on a diet.” Ladies, if a guy begins to say these to others, you might as well just start dating him already because he is so interested in you that it has altered his speech. He is a potential Husband material – 100 yards.


6.       If his mother knows you by name:

Seriously, you must mean a whole lot for a guy to introduce you to his mother. If you speak to his mother for the first time and she says “Oh, you are the Jane that I’ve heard so much about…”, he is really taking you seriously. Men hold their mothers in very high esteem and they do not just talk about any random lady with their mothers. It doesn’t matter how old the man is, he will always tell his mother about that special person in his life. If she knows you then you're very special to him.



7.       He gets to know and relates with your family members:

Most guys stay away from the lady’s family if they are not really interested in her. It’s not just worth their time and extra accountability. So if a man decides to get to know your family on a first name basis and is constantly in communication with them even when you are not aware of it, he is absolutely interested in having a relationship with you. He is definitely willing to be accountable to your family about the status of your relationship at every point in time.


There are a lot of ways you can build this interest if it doesn’t exist already and there a lot of signs that are not covered in this article. If there are any ones in particular that you like and feel that they should be added to future articles, let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


Written by

Ojie Femi 



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