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It is very easy to take things for granted in your relationship. The fact that we are all very busy makes us susceptible to assumptions that our partners would understand when we are not able to show love. 

Logically, we all know that a relationship must receive attention if it is to grow. Realistically, few of us take the time to fan the relationship flames as often as we should. But help is on the way. 

Showing your special someone how much you love them doesn't have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. In fact, it's better if it doesn't -- it's the little things that we remember most. So don't wait until next Valentine's Day to show your significant other that you love and appreciate them. Try to incorporate at least one of these romantic ideas into your partner's day, every day (and when you've done them all, keep going by creating your own, or repeat the cycle!) 

1. Cook them their favorite meal. Have it ready to go when they walk in the door, complete with candles. 

2. Try your hand at a love poem that includes special memories only the two of you share. Leave it somewhere unexpected. 

3. Leave a note for your special other (or tuck one into a lunch/briefcase) telling them how much you care.

4. Create a playlist of your partner’s favorite songs. Have it playing when they come home. 

5. If married, have your wedding vows framed and give it to your spouse "just because." 

6. On a cold day, warm them up with a cup of tea or coffee. Bring them a blanket or sweater if they look cold.

7. On weekends, Volunteer to do some of their housework so they can relax. 


8. Let them sleep while you serenade them with soft music.

9. Give your partner a massage before they ask for it. 

10. Bring them lunch at work. Take out time from work to bring them lunch personally. Don’t send the delivery man.

11. Stop to say hello, kiss and hug every time you come in the front door. 

12. Pack a lunch and take your special someone on a surprise picnic or to the beach.  

13. Flirt with them. Dirty talk from time to time never hurt anyone.

14. Hold his or her hand. 

15. Tell them you love and appreciate them, don't just assume they know. 

16. Create your own holiday, then surprise your significant other with a celebration. This could be:       "Happy 8th day since your last trip," or "I Love You More Than Ever Day." 

17. Leave a flower and a note on the windshield of their car. 

18. Buy them a small, but meaningful, gift such as their favorite ice cream cone, an audiobook for them to listen to while in in traffic, etc. 

Make sure you add unique activities connected with your location and make memories with your partner.




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